Plastic cups

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As our company is mainly producing  the food containers in PP, PE, TPR material, now we have some new developed products, it is the plastic cups.

Now, we may see many news says that Many foreign countries forbid using glass cups in bars,to reduce the violence events. The government take out the policy to avoid the violence. It is said that in the future, not in Europe, but also in the whole world, the plastic cups will be instead of glass cups in bars.

So for the plastic cups,  the healthy material is becoming very important. Mosly, there are four types of material to make the cups, those are PolyStyrene, Acrylic, PolyCarbonate, and AS. These material has the advantage of clearity, it looks like glass, but much cheaper than glass.

Here I want to introduce 2 kinds of material of plastic cups:

Plastic cups for PS&PC: Comparing to PC cups, PS cups are much cheaper, it is suit for a large range people of using. Becsuse for the material cost, PS is cheaper than PC.  PS product is lighter than PC products, but for the surface, it is easier to have scratch on it than PC. When you hit PS cups onto a hard thing, it is easier to break, but for pc cups, you hit onto a hard thing, it is ok, it will not break, it is very hard, so it is safe when shipping.

As plastic cups should be food grade, so people pay more attention to its safe, and now it is said that PC material includs BPA, some countries refuse to import the products that have BPA, our PC material is from Germany, it is very safe, and after testing, it is safe to export to European countries. And for PS material, we have the SGS test, so it is also safe to use them.

In out next plan, we will develop more type of plastic cups and jugs, welcome to inquire from us.


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